Before you make use of any tricks, it is important for you to understand that there are a lot of ins and outs about the game that you need to put into consideration. Also, you need to understand that there are those tricks that just work well with some players while other players may not really have an idea of how to use them. Some of the City Mania review that you can make use of include:

·         Put entertainment and services for the entire population

Before anything can begin, it is a good idea for you to first paint a picture of how it is that your city is going to look like when it starts growing. By making use of your free spots and building houses, these are going to keep your population happy. When your population is happy, then the city that you have created is going to run without any kind of difficulty. The most crucial things that you need to keep in mind here is the factories, the services, and the entertainment as well.

·         Start building the houses like you will never get another chance

One of the most effective ways in which you can be able to unlock new things as well as level up is by building more and more houses. Building more houses is also a way in which you can be able to ensure that the city keeps on growing with a lot of people in it. For you to be able to do this effectively, it is advisable that you start by placing construction sites in the right places.

·         Place your Bizzies the smart way

As you may already know, Bizzies are very important in the City Mania game because they can be able to offer you with very big boosts that can be highly beneficial to you. Since all of them have a specific specification, you cannot just decide to place them anywhere you think of. You need to strategize and place them in the right place.