The Rules of Survival is based on the unknown battle, and millions of online survivals are connected in it. The match is going with around 120 players, and you have to be fully skilled for that. The battles have different kinds of locations, and lots of enemies are attacking us. Kill and run for getting more weapons or drives many fast vehicles. The game is free to play, but we need to pay for better playing experience. It is suitable for android, IOS, and windows and you can easily download it by the android store.

At the starting, most of us are not aware of currency and resources, but it is essential for surviving long. If you are facing any issues regarding the currency, then you can click on the Rules of Survival Cheats. Such cheats are providing us a big amount of currency. In this tutorial, we are introducing more factors of the gameplay.

Survival battles 

Each battle is giving us more powers to going forward, and in 120 players, you have to try to remain in last. Surviving in the battles is not handy for us, but proper skills and resources are beneficial. The individual should know about the safe zone and various rules to remain in it.  

Five members’ team

Build a five members’ team and start the adventures journey. The game is supportive of voice communication so we can talk with team’ members in battles. Join the social community and share your achievements.

Ultimate weapons and vehicles

Weapons and vehicles are a significant part of it, and you have to use both of them smartly. Customize guns for playing long and add new weapons. Anyone can take some help with The Rules of Survival Cheats tool.