Day R Survival is an ultimate mobile game based on role-playing and adventure concept. Day R Survival is a popular game where players have to complete so many tasks and explore lots of things to complete the game. With great storyline and amazing graphics, the developers have made it perfect mobile game to play. It’s an adventure role-playing game so there are so many major things and rewards in it that players can earn. Day R Survival is a great example of an interesting game and there are so many things that players can learn about the game below –


The controls of Day R Survival are way too simple yet the storyline is lengthy, so it makes confused some times what to do in it.

The main objective of the user in the game is that players have to survive and find their way to complete.

The storyline of Day R Survival is quite simple, after the nuclear attack in the city now the major task in that you can to go out of the city with every resource that can keep you alive.

It’s an online game, so in order to complete the game, and the player will face many other things that users have to complete.

Collect the equipment, medicines, food, weapons and many more things to keep the survival and perfectly make out of the city.

Ultimate graphics

Graphics of Day R Survival are so realistic and whoever plays for the first time will fall in love with it. Killing the dead people, deadly animals complete missions to unlock the doors and ways to complete the levels. The graphics of Day R Survival look really realistic and that is what makes it better than other role-playing mobile games.